Who We Are

Solar energy experts and innovators

The time for solar is now

New York’s Premier Solar Energy Developer

LAM Development's mission is to bring clean, affordable solar energy to New York State. We believe that solar energy should be for everyone. In order to achieve this, we partner with local communities and their leaders, deploying renewable power where it is needed and appreciated the most.

By providing municipal governments with solar energy, LAM Development helps local communities cut their energy costs and diminish their dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

Meaningful Partnerships are Our Top Priority

The solar energy facilities LAM Development helps to develop are ultimately for the communities. We work closely with local stakeholders to ensure the needs, expectations, and desires of all parties are met. LAM Development’s connections with communities transcend business. We create strong relationships to maximize the benefits received by community members.

Our process is open and transparent, allowing for continual feedback from the municipality and a partnership based on trust. LAM Development always puts its clients first, and is consistently looking for ways to generate new value for the municipality.

Excellence and Expertise

LAM Development has a single mission, to bring you the very best in solar solutions. As part of working with us, you will receive world-class advice and insight to help you make the right choice for your community.

Our experienced team is always available to answer questions you may have at any step in the process. From the smallest technical detail to the ‘big picture’ of why invest in solar energy, LAM Development is here to help.