What We Do

Bringing Solar to New York State

Local Action That Benefits Your Community

LAM Development believes solar energy should be available to everyone. We focus on bringing cost-saving renewable power to local municipalities, enabling communities of all sizes to attain energy security.

Through the deployment of smaller, locally based solar farms we are able to provide clean, affordable energy in a responsible way.

We Bring You the Best in the Business

In order to bring solar energy to local communities, we leverage our vast network of partnerships with utilities, construction firms, and real estate companies to quickly and efficiently meet the energy needs of our clients.

LAM Development's knowledge and expertise as the region's premier solar developer allows us to work with the most capable firms in each field and bring together the best practices and results.

Lasting Partnerships For Lasting Results

We understand that residents know what is best for their own community. Therefore, we approach each solar project as an opportunity to collaborate with the community. LAM Development works to understand the unique needs and desires of all stakeholders, and maximize the positive results for everyone involved. We are here to listen, learn, and help craft the best possible solar solution.

We Make Solar Easy

LAM Development begins each project by working with the community to identify its energy needs and determine if solar is the right option. Then, in conjunction with the utility company and the municipality, we find the optimal site for a solar project that meets all parties’ requirements.

LAM Development continually informs the community of the project's progress and tailors the project based on our partners' valuable feedback. Once all approvals are received and the municipality gives the final OK, the solar energy facility is built and immediately provides cost-saving, renewable power.

The Time For Solar Is Now

LAM Development understands the immense potential for solar energy in New York State. Over the last few years, incredible strides in the advancement of solar technology make solar the most compelling energy option. Today’s solar panels are more efficient, more reliable, and cheaper than panels available in the past.