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By working with LAM Development, landowners can monetize their land through a variety of agreements, while helping their communities benefit from solar energy.

LAM Development provides the flexibility to help meet the needs of all types of landowners, offering multiple options to convert their assets.

Through a partnership with LAM Development, your land will be used to provide clean, sustainable energy for generations to come. Your relationship with us will improve your local community, lower municipal energy costs, and help bring about a brighter future.

LAM Development works hard to ensure that any aesthetic or conservational concerns are addressed throughout the solar farm's life. The land we utilize is left unscathed, and in pristine condition upon the removal of the facility, allowing it to be returned to its original use.

Calling all Landowners

Interested in partnering with LAM Development? We provide landowners with a variety of options to monetize their land, including leases and sales. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

We're here to help

LAM Development helps communities lower their utility bills through a transition to clean solar energy. Utilizing our expertise, we provide the assistance needed to navigate all steps of the process.

Working Together Towards a Brighter Future

A transition to clean, cost-saving solar is ultimately a choice made by and for local residents. As a leader in solar development, we strive to foster a lasting and meaningful partnership with communities.

LAM Development ensures all of its projects are informed by three guiding principles:

Open Dialogue with the Community

From the initial meeting to the moment the solar energy facility starts to produce power, we ensure local stakeholders are involved in every aspect of the project. We engage with all parties to incorporate their feedback and guarantee that all needs and concerns are addressed.

A Local Focus

We understand that no two towns are alike, and that each project requires the careful consideration of a host of unique factors. With this in mind, we design each solar solution to maximize the benefits provided to the local community and tailor all plans according to local circumstance.

Lasting Commitment

LAM Development is here for the long term. We are focused on lasting relationships to guarantee your community’s switch to cost-saving, renewable energy is a success for decades to come.

Helping Navigate the energy landscape

The energy industry is in a state of incredible transition. As the technologies of tomorrow become the energy resources of today, there is near unlimited opportunities available.

However, nothing can be accomplished if we fail to include the bedrock of our energy systems - utilities.

This is why LAM Development works to align its interests with those of local utility companies. By working closely with the utilities whose load zones we operate in, we hope to ensure an efficient and pleasant partnership between the local community, the utility, and us.

As a part of every solar project we help create, LAM Development seeks to increase the benefits to both the local and regional grids.

Our close relationship to utility companies gives us a distinct comparative edge over our competitors, assuring the transition to renewable energy will be simple, seamless, and hassle-free.